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120/80 SYMBIOSAL - antihypertensive salt
Salt is essential for human as well as other lifes.
when it does not intake, people can lose a life.
it is only briny seasoning. but it has become one of harmful foods.
so it is recommended to take 5g in a day by several organizations such as WHO.
some people say that salt is raises the blood pressure,
to bring osteoporosis and lots of geriatric diseases.

However, there is no correct evidence reported since a theory reported that Na+ and Cl- in NaCl of the salt raise the blood pressure. A theory assering that Cl- raise the blood pressure was reported by Ambard and Beaujard of France on and after 1904. It has been through various experiments, recently, Curtis Morris from the Departments of Medicine, Division of Nephrology, and Pathology, University of California, San Francisco in latest 2005 differs that rats that dosed 50% of NaCl and KCl showed the highest rise of blood pressure than any other controlled rats.

Generally, according to assertion Na of ingredient of the salt increase blood pressure, low sodium salt has appeared on the market. low sodium salt added KCl instead of NaCl. according to recent report, it is dangerous for one who kidney diseases. also it has no effect on decreasing blood pressure and taste is bad.

120/80 SYMBIOSAL is disrupts ACE(Angiotensin Converting Enzime) in a human body. it is inhibit blood pressure. Cl- became known as the material which it activates the ACE(Angiotensin Converting Enzime).besides, The various mineral which to the sea water contains is stabilized the blood pressure.

120/80 SYMBIOSAL is developed through a lot of experiments by considering that Cl- ion raise blood pressure by first time. it combines an anion ion of salt and chitosan to hinder absorption of chlorine in blood vessel and consists of tideland sea salt and chitosan without any chemical substance to give no harm to human bodies and to have good taste. This salt helps kidney function and raise strength of bones to make healthy heart and circulation system.

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