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1. Healthcare Food
• Chitosan Healthcare Food: BioTech retains the manufacturing facility of Chitosan by using crab shell and supplies our product in a state soluble by water that can be used in the manufacture of food additives, healthcare food, and various other food products conforming to the Gwangju Enforcement Ordinance #18 of Korea Food and Drug Administration. BioTech uses Chitosan (a natural material that can be added to various healthcare products) for the production of Chitosan Salt.
There are the products of Chitosan 100, Chitosan 10 and Chitosan 5.
• Sprout Healthcare Food: This product was developed as a female hormone substitute food for women lacking female hormones by powdering the sprouts that have greatly improved the ISOFRAVONE content of beans. We recommend taking 2g of this material for the daily recommended intake of estrogen (50㎎). The bean powder contains 25㎎/g of bean ISOFLAVONE that functions as estrogen, a female hormone (patented product).
• Health Salt: This product, as a health salt made by combining domestic bay salt and Chitosan, does not contain any chemical additives and is useful for patients with hyperthyroidism without the content of iodine. This product suppresses the activation of ACE, a material which raises blood pressure, suppresses the rise of blood pressure by the mineral substance of bay salt, raises bone strength, reduces cholesterol levels, and improves blood circulation. (Patented Product: Patent registration in Korea and USA)

2. Area of Agriculture and Fishery Technology
• Garlic Quality Improvement Technology: By cultivating garlic using our patented material, we could increase the functional materials of garlic and could improve productivity and preservative function (patented product).
• Functional Feed Additive (Bio-Chitosan): Use by adding 0.3~0.5% of this material to feed mixture as a functional feed additive that is effective in removing the odor of excreta, improving efficiency of the feed, improving meat quality, and preventing diseases (patented product).
• Virus Vaccine for Fish Farming: This product, as a vaccine against Iridovirus a representative disease in farming fishes, is the first feed product developed in the world.

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